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3rd Domestic Violence Prosecution Conference

3rd Domestic Violence Prosecution Conference

May 15-17, 2019  |  Denver, CO

Conference Surveys

DAY 1 SURVEY        |         DAY 2 SURVEY       |      DAY 3 SURVEY

Conference Materials

DAY 1 | Wednesday, May 15

Welcome and Introductions
Speaker: David LaBahn – Biography

Keynote Address
Speaker: Ryan Brackley – Biography

Plenary: Improving Domestic Violence Response
Speaker: Chief Paul Pazen – Biography

Plenary: Prosecutors and Advocates Working Together – Presentation
Speakers: Traci Anderson – Biography  |  Emily Hyde  – Biography  |  Emily Janes  – Biography

Breakout Session 1A: Forfeiture by Wrongdoing – Presentation
Speakers: Traci Anderson – Biography  |  Nicolas Heitman – Biography

Breakout Session 1B: Domestic Violence Management Training: Managing Up, Down and Lateral – Presentation
Speakers: Michelle Kaminsky – Biography  |  David Martin – Biography

Breakout Session 2A: Somebody’s Watching Me: Digital Stalking and Jail calls – Presentation
Speaker: Jill Hollander – Biography 

Breakout Session 2B: Domestic Violence Management Training: Working and Partnering with Civil Legal Aid –  Presentation  |  Handout
Speakers: David Martin – Biography   |   Jenni Stolarski – Biography

Breakout Session 2C: Survivors Charged as Defendants – Presentation
Speakers: Traci Anderson – Biography  |  Emily Hyde  – Biography  |  Emily Janes  – Biography


DAY 2 | Thursday, May 16

Firearms Surrender : Materials Below
Speakers: Chris Anderson – Biography  |  David Martin – Biography

Breakout Session 3A: Working with Recanting Witnesses – Presentation
Speakers: Kenneth Boyd  – Biography  | Carvana Cloud  –  Biography   |  Maggie Conboy- Biography

Breakout Session 3B: Managers Tools for Burnout Prevention – Presentation
Speakers: Emily Janes  – Biography  |  Ruth Glenn – Biography

Breakout Session 3C: Risk Assessment Outline – Presentation
Speakers: Hilary Weinberg – Biography | Michelle Kaminsky – Biography

Breakout Session 4A: The Link- Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence – Presentation
Speakers: Michelle Welch – Biography | Jill Hollander –Biography

Breakout Session 4B: Training New Prosecutors – Presentation
Speaker: Nicolas Heitman – Biography

Breakout Session 4C: Racial and Ethnic Disparities – Presentation  |  Handouts
Speakers: Melanie Fields – Biography  |  Carvana Cloud  –  Biography |  Emily Janes  – Biography


DAY 3 | Friday, May 17

Speaker: Hon. Beth McCann – Biography

Plenary Session: Proactive Leadership – Identifying and Understanding Bias and Its Impact on Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault – Presentation
Handout :COURAGE in Policing Flyer  | Handout: Short Survivors Survey
Speakers: Caroline Bettinger-Lopez – Biography  |  Roman Rodriguez-Tejera

Plenary Session: Concussions in Domestic Violence Cases –Presentation
Speakers: Hilary Weinberg – Biography

Plenary Session: Ethical Considerations – Presentation
Speaker: Melanie Fields – Biography

Plenary Session: Supporting Prosecutors that Handle Domestic Violence Cases – Secondary Trauma and Safety Concerns – Presentation
Speakers: Hon. Michael Dougherty – Biography  |  Lys Runnerstrom – Biography




Domestic Violence Risk Assessment – Video Presentation
DV & Firearms -PPT for Judicial Officers Trainings – Presentation
DV & Firearms – Sound Cities – Presentation
King County Council Budget Proviso – Document
Order to Surrender – Flowchart
Fireams Surrender System Reform – Presentation
Processing, Serving & Enforcing PO’s & OTSW’s : Model Policy & Training Overview – Document
Regional Team Graphic- Image
Motion for General Order and Proposed Order – Order


XR 101 Petition for an Extreme Risk Protection Order – Form
XR 105 LEIS ERPO – Form
XR 112 Return of Service – Form
XR 121 Temporary Extreme Risk Protection Order-Without Notice – Form
XR 102 Firearm Identification Worksheet – Form
XR 141 Extreme Risk Protection Order – Form

Job Descriptions

Court Orders Problem-Solver – Job Description
Org Chart – Chart
Project Manager Firearms Prohibition – Job Description


Legal Authority for Removal of Firearms at DV Scene, Service of POs & OTSWs – Document
Regional DV Firearms Enforcement Unit MOU-Executed – Document
Model Policy – Court Orders – Document
Court Order Model Policy – K.C. Agencies – Document
Model Policy Training Checklist – Checklist

Additional Reference Materials

Race and Prosecution Institute for Innovation – Presentation

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