National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect

Oct 23-25, 2019  |  Salt Lake City, UT


Conference Materials

DAY 1 | Wednesday, Oct 23

Opening Remarks
Speakers: Hon. Sim Gill – Biography  |  David LaBahn – Biography

Plenary: Medical Findings in Child Sexual Abuse Cases- Presentation
Speaker: Dr. Suzanne Starling, MD – Biography

Plenary: Digital Safety for Your Multi-Disciplinary Team- Presentation
Speaker: Justin Fitzsimmons – Biography

Breakout Session A1: Expert Collaboration to Prove Serious Physical Abuse and Child Homicide – Presentation
Speakers: Robert Parrish – Biography  |  Dr. Antoinette Laskey – Biography

Breakout Session B1: Addressing Recantation in Child Abuse Cases
Speaker: Clint Heiner – Biography

Breakout Session A2: Medical Findings in Child Physical Abuse Cases – Presentation
Speaker: Dr. Suzanne Starling, MD – Biography

Breakout Session B2: Preparing to Testify in Court as an Expert or Lay Witness
Speaker: Ben Santos – Biography

Breakout Session C2: Managers’ Caucus: How to Manage, Motivate and Retain Personnel; Case Management
Speaker: Melissa Diaz – Biography


DAY 2 | Thursday, Oct 24

Plenary: Interviewing Child and Adolescent Victims of Child Abuse: Special Victim Issues – Presentation
Speakers: Clint Heiner – Biography  |  Heather Stewart – Biography

Plenary: Courthouse Facility Dogs: Improving the Investigation and Prosecution of Crimes Against Children – Presentation
Speaker: Ellen O’Neill-Stephens – Biography

Plenary: Messaging to the Community and Building Support for CAC’s- Presentation
Speaker: Ben Santos – Biography

Breakout Session A1: Courthouse Dogs Programs: Working with and Caring for Facility Dogs – Presentation 1   |  Presentation 2
Speakers: Dr. Celeste Walsen  – Biography  | Cari Bobo  –  Biography   

Breakout Session B1: Corroboration in Child Abuse Cases – Presentation
Speaker: Joshua Clark  – Biography

Breakout Session A2: Digital Evidence in the 21st Century: How Technology May Corroborate Child Abuse Cases – Presentation
Speaker: Justin Fitzsimmons – Biography

Breakout Session B2: The Link between Child Abuse and Animal Cruelty – Presentation
Speakers: K. Michelle Welch – Biography | Diane Balkin –Biography



DAY 3 | Friday, Oct 25

Plenary Session: Ethical Consideration in Child Abuse Cases – Presentation
Speaker: K. Michelle Welch – Biography

Plenary Session: Accident or Crime? –Presentation
Speaker: Joshua Clark – Biography

Plenary Session: Effectively Working Together in Your MDT: Building Partnerships and Resolving Conflict – Presentation
Speaker: Hon. Kevin Barton – Biography


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