Victim Counsel Coordination, Part I

Mitigating Mental Health Defenses

Victim Counsel Coordination Part II

Ethics in Capital Cases

Building a Successful Homicide Committee

Prosecuting a Hate Crime: An Analysis of the Kroger Shooter Case

Strategic Case Analysis: The Ahmaud Arbery Case

Major Case Prosecution: The Portland Train Attack Case

Murder 101: Trial Strategy and Preserving the Record

Mass Violence and Prosecutors: Victim Considerations

Restitution and Recovery of Economic Loss in Complex Homicide Cases

Meeting with Victim Families

Anatomy of a Mass Shooting Case

Capital Case Jury Selection

2020 Supreme Court Update

Conducting Jury Trials in a Pandemic

Speedy Trial Challenges in a Pandemic

Misdemeanor Cold Case Homicide Reviews

Murder 101 Series: Evaluating Evidence for your First Homicide Prosecution

Ensuring Ethical Preservation & Protection of Victims’ Rights

Capital Litigation and Relationship Building During Survivor Grief


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