Prosecutorial Case Backlogs Survey

November 28, 2022 Dear Colleagues, Case backlog is a pressing, system-crippling criminal justice issue that is currently being experienced by many prosecutors’ offices across the country. Case backlogs can be the result of a variety of circumstances and, in order to diagnose these issues and develop solutions, the causes and impacts of backlogs must

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Case Backlogs News Roundup 9/12/22

This article discusses the link between court backlogs on violent crime rates and explores the different causal connections associated with this backlog, such as the interruption of court services during the pandemic and staffing shortages. The article also gives examples of ways other jurisdictions have approached the issue. The advent of the new

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NEW Case Backlogs Listserv Created

We at APA are happy to announce that we have created a Prosecutorial Case Backlogs listserv for prosecutors and prosecution teams to use. This listserv is created under the Case Backlogs Project, funded by Stand Together Trust (STT). The listserv is housed on Google Groups and has the dual function of an email listserv

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