We at APA are happy to announce that we have created a Prosecutorial Case Backlogs listserv for prosecutors and prosecution teams to use. This listserv is created under the Case Backlogs Project, funded by Stand Together Trust (STT).

The listserv is housed on Google Groups and has the dual function of an email listserv as well as a discussion forum. The purpose of this group is to share issues being faced within offices, provide updates and suggestions, and workshop ideas with peers across the country. Furthermore, this listserv will be used to share resources such as webinar and training signups, surveys, publications, training and technical support opportunities, and model policies and protocols that are developed through this project.

If you would like to sign up for this listserv, please click the link below or email sasha.beatty@apainc.org, subject line “Join Case Backlogs Listserv.”

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