New Release: Study by the CUNY Institute for State & Local Governance

Prosecutors wield a significant amount of power and discretion in the criminal legal system—meaning they can play a major role in creating a fairer system. Recognizing this, in 2019, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office partnered with ISLG to conduct an in-depth analysis of racial and ethnic disparities across key stages in the prosecutorial process.

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National Prosecutorial Dashboards: Lessons Learned, Themes, and Categories for Consideration

This comprehensive resource guide is aimed at assisting prosecutors’ offices seeking to implement public-facing prosecutorial dashboards. Scroll through the document or click on the link below to access the PDF version.

Race and Prosecutorial Diversion: Report

July 30, 2021 This week, researchers from Prosecutorial Performance Indicators, a project of Florida International University and Loyola University Chicago, released a new report illustrating that Black people charged with felonies are less likely to have their cases referred to a diversion program, or programs that open the door for a person to address

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Statement on the Anniversary of George Floyd’s Death

May 25, 2021 On April 20, 2021, 330 days after George Floyd was killed, some small measure of justice and accountability was served when a jury found Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts.  Today marks the anniversary of George Floyd’s death. At this one year mark, APA has spent time contemplating the appropriate

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