Safer Together:  Cross-Reporting for Humane and Human Services 

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Details:  Tuesday, September 21, 2021 from 10am – 4pm
                   5.5 CE for OH social workers, counselors and therapists provided

Registration Open: July 26, 2021 – September 20, 2021

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Presenters: Phil Arkow, National Link Coalition
                          Dr. Jessica Bibbo, Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging, Cleveland
                          Dr. Barbara Boat, University of Cincinnati
                          Stacey Burge, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Cincinnati
                          Detective Sergeant Todd Curtin, Perrysburg Township Police
                          Dr. Janet Hoy-Gerlach, University of Toledo
                          Jordan Vincent, My Sister’s Place, Athens Andrew Warner, Humane Society of Greater Dayton

Facilitator: Vicki Deisner, Animal Welfare Institute

Why this webinar?

On April 12, H.B. 33 became law. This new law requires Ohio social workers, counselors, and veterinarians to report suspected animal abuse, and dog wardens, animal control officers, and law enforcement to report suspected abuse of children and older adults. This law is important because compelling evidence links animal cruelty and neglect to domestic violence, child abuse, child sexual abuse, and elder abuse. We’re going to introduce you to the law, explain what you need to know about it, and show you how to respond.

Animal abuse frequently is an indicator and predictor of interpersonal, family, and community violence, particularly in domestic violence and child maltreatment scenarios. Significant numbers of women report that threats to their companion and farm animals prevent them from leaving abusive relationships. Children who perpetrate or witness animal cruelty are at risk of being victims themselves and/or future perpetrators of violence, with lifelong adverse emotional consequences. Cross-training and cross-reporting among human services and animal protection agencies are necessary to create more effective species-spanning community collaboratives that prevent and prosecute these interlocking forms of family violence.

The Animal Welfare Institute and the National Link Coalition, with the support of the Ohio Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW Ohio) and the Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust, will host this virtual workshop to explore this critical issue and opportunities to establish and enhance cross-training and cross-reporting processes at the local level. This workshop will explore “the dark side” of the human-animal bond and its implications for human and humane services, family welfare agencies, prosecutors, law enforcement, and human and veterinary medicine. It will describe new strategies, public policy, research, and programs to prevent family violence and to respond to its human and animal victims.

Topics to be addressed include: animal hoarding, animal sexual abuse, animal fighting, applicable statutes and statistics, case studies, and animal abuse’s specific links with child maltreatment, domestic violence, elder abuse, and community violence. There will be a law enforcement case study recognizing the link between animal and human violence, and utilizing threat assessments for better case resolution and officer safety. Recommendations for professionals and advocates and an extensive list of resources will be presented. NASW Ohio will be providing 5.5 CEUs for social workers.

Additional Information and Draft Agenda:

For more information contact:
Vicki Deisner, Animal Welfare Institute,, 614-493-8383

Funded by the Kenneth Scott Charitable Trust