This week’s news roundup on cases of mass violence relevant to prosecutors and prosecution teams is featured below.



4 are killed in a Maine home and 3 others are wounded in a linked highway shooting

April 19, 2023

Four people were killed inside a home and three others shot and injured on a highway after a string of crimes that authorities say are linked. A suspect was arrested and charged with murder.

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Four injured in brazen Charles Street shootout following violent Baltimore weekend

April 17, 2023

A daytime shootout in Baltimore, Maryland resulted in the injury and hospitalization of four people.

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‘This is enough’: 2 dead, 4 injured in shooting at Chickasaw Park

April 16, 2023

Louisville Metro Police responded to a mass shooting at a park in Saturday night after two people were killed and four others injured when someone shot into a crowd.

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Kansas City shooting leaves 1 dead and 4 injured, including a child

April 15, 2023

A shooting at a gas station on Friday night ended in the death of one person, an injured child less than 5 years of age, and three other injured persons. The child and one women were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

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