Update: Conviction Rates

Recently, APA provided some insight into the issue of conviction rates through a published letter. In addition to this letter, APA would like to provide some further clarity as to why conviction rates are not an accurate measure of prosecutorial performance. Conviction Rates Definition A conviction is a legal declaration that someone is guilty of

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Judge upholds Maryland ban on pet stores’ sale of cats, dogs

A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit that challenged Maryland’s newly enacted ban on the sale of dogs and cats by retail pet stores By MICHAEL KUNZELMAN | Associated Press COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- A federal judge on Friday threw out a lawsuit that challenged Maryland's newly enacted ban on the sale of dogs

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NIJ FY2020 Drugs and Crime Solicitation Announcement

NIJ Research and Evaluation on Drugs and Crime Fiscal Year 2020 Solicitation:  https://nij.ojp.gov/sites/g/files/xyckuh171/files/media/document/NIJ-2020-17275.pdf Applications Due: April 20, 2020 NIJ's Drugs and Crime Research Program supports rigorous applied research on evidence-based tools, protocols, and policies for state, tribal, and local law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies that address drug trafficking, drug markets, and drug-related violence. The

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Safety & Justice Challenge: Rethink Jails

For far too long, the misuse and overuse of jails has imperiled individuals, damages families, and weakens communities. We are committed to changing that. APA has worked diligently with prosecution teams across the country to support the development of forward-looking, smart solutions to safely reduce local jail populations and address racial disparities in the system.

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Non-Unanimous Jury Verdicts Determination Before the Supreme Court

Last Monday, October 7, 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments for a case that could provide a definitive structure for states regarding non-unanimous petit jury verdicts. Ramos v. Louisiana may provide clarity to an earlier decision which required federal juries to come to a unanimous verdict, but conceded to state juries the ability to come

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SF district attorney unveils recidivism data project; convictions of serious crimes often lead to rearrests

View Original Story Nearly half of people convicted of crimes in San Francisco were arrested again within three years, and offenders who committed violent crimes, burglaries and other felony property crimes were even more likely to come back through the criminal justice system. But people busted for drunken driving in the city rarely saw the

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High inmate numbers in South Dakota highlights need for criminal justice reform

View Original Story at KOTA TV RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Criminal justice reform is a hot-button topic across the nation, and a pillar in several 2020 presidential candidates' platforms. And we're not immune from high inmate numbers here at home. South Dakota jails more people per capita than any other state, according to a

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New anti-hazing law signed in Pennsylvania after death of Penn State student

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A new anti-hazing law prompted by the death of a Penn State student after a night of drinking in a fraternity house early last year was signed Friday by Pennsylvania's governor. Gov. Tom Wolf called it "long overdue" as he put his signature on legislation to enact stricter criminal penalties and permit

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Do The Nation’s Prosecutors Need Help?

Despite their undeniable power over criminal cases, many prosecutors are overworked, understaffed, and in need of guidance from researchers. That was how some experts portrayed them at a conference held Thursday by the Committee on Law and Justice of the National Academy of Sciences. The committee has sponsored studies of many criminal justice issues over

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State’s attorneys upset over loss of grant to fight domestic, sexual violence

By Bob Audette, Brattleboro Reformer BRATTLEBORO — For nearly two decades, state's attorneys and victim advocates in Windham, Bennington and Franklin counties have depended on federal funding to help pay for personnel to investigate and prosecute domestic and sexual violence. In Windham County, that money paid for a part-time investigator, a prosecutor as well as

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