June 6, 2022

The events of the horrific shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas are devastating, and words cannot express the sorrow and heartbreak we at APA feel for the loved ones of those who passed away and the Uvalde community as a whole.

Prosecutors, law enforcement, and other criminal justice actors must not only recognize red flags in troubled individuals early on, but also take them seriously. A history of animal abuse and/or domestic violence are often common denominators in those who eventually go on to commit mass shootings. Intervention is key to saving lives.

APA has continually worked with community partners and other criminal justice actors to create resources and trainings that provide prosecutors with the tools necessary to identify and address red flags in the early stages. APA has also published policy statements on gun violence, animal cruelty, and domestic violence to guide prosecutors on these important issues.

In response to the series of tragic and violent mass shootings that have taken place in the past several weeks, APA will be developing a living Mass Violence webpage for prosecutors and the public alike to be better informed about what is happening in our country and what is being done to address it. More information will be provided shortly about this new resource; please keep an eye out for an announcement on our website and social media.

On behalf of prosecutors, we will continue to work tirelessly to protect the communities we serve so that tragedies like this never happen again.

David LaBahn
President & CEO

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