The Association of Prosecuting Attorneys grieves with the families and community reeling from the horrifying and tragic violence of March 27th. 

Gun violence is a public health crisis. The connection between mass violence and prior warning signs, such as incidents of domestic violence or animal abuse, must be acknowledged, and taken seriously, by prosecutors, law enforcement, and other criminal justice actors. APA supports effective intervention strategies, such as extreme risk protection orders, to combat escalation of gun violence situations.

As a national prosecutors’ organization, APA consistently strives to equip our nation’s prosecuting attorneys with the resources and the tools they need to prosecute incidents of mass violence to the fullest extent of the law. APA has published statements and provided resources intended to inform and guide prosecutors and allied professionals on these issues. However, it is clear more can and should be done. 

APA remains committed to working tirelessly to support prosecutors who hold individuals responsible for these violent acts accountable, and to recognize warning signs early on to prevent incidents of mass violence from happening in the future.