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Juvenile Justice

“Juveniles in crisis—from serious, violent, and chronic offenders to victims of abuse and neglect—pose a challenge to the nation. Charged by Congress to meet this challenge, OJJDP collaborates with professionals from diverse disciplines to improve juvenile justice policies and practices.”
– U.S. Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

APA is committed to enhancing juvenile programs by providing civic education for all participants that builds respect for their rule of law and the legal process, including mentorship and community service opportunities, permit program referrals from prosecutors, police, probation departments and the courts, while not limiting program eligibility to first-time offenders.

APA also encourages judges, lawyers, law students, civic organizations and businesses to recruit volunteers and to provide training, other assistance and support to create, sustain and promote youth programs, and supports national, state, and local research and evaluation on all aspects of juvenile justice programs.



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