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Conviction Integrity

Over the last decade, Conviction Integrity or Review Units have been created in prosecutors’ offices to review and, when appropriate, seek to overturn convictions where there is evidence of actual innocence, prosecutor or law enforcement misconduct, or other considerations that undermine the integrity of the conviction. Many offices who do not have dedicated units  have established processes for review of cases. APA’s Conviction Integrity Program provides training and technical assistance to enhance efforts of Conviction Integrity Units, joint reinvestigation efforts and address issues prosecutors face in the post-conviction innocence claims process. The program works with other criminal justice partners, such as the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, to promote strong partnerships between conviction integrity units and entities representing individuals with post- conviction claims of innocence.

Project Lead

Nikki ParisiGeneral Counsel
Nikki Parisi handles APA’s Conviction Integrity work. To learn more about the program, please reach out to her at


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