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Case Backlogs

The Case Backlogs project is a Stand Together Trust (STT)-funded effort to provide prosecutors with insights into the current state of case backlog around the country while also elevating model practices and protocols for addressing them. Prosecutor offices will be solicited to apply for specialized training and technical assistance (TTA) via an request for proposals, and those who require light touch TA may contact APA at any time to request peer-to-peer exchanges or access to case backlog-related materials and information.

The core goals of this project include:

  • Assessing the field to determine the extent of case backlog amongst prosecutors’ offices across the country;
  • Elevating model policies and practices that offices are using to address their case backlog;
  • Effectively create a community of practice of prosecutors and subject matter experts to share resources and be a sounding board for ideas and efforts in this space, in the form of a prosecutor-oriented listserv;
  • Maintain an online resource page for prosecutors to use when addressing case backlogs in their jurisdictions; and
  • Provide both remote and onsite TTA to requesting prosecutors’ offices to assess needs and provide recommendations and resources to reduce case backlog.

The five selected pilot sites are:

  1. Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office (MA)
  2. Ramsey County Attorney’s Office (MN)
  3. August Judicial Circuit (GA)
  4. Gallatin County Attorney’s Office (MT)
  5. Elmore County Attorney’s Office (ID)

Access updates, downloadable resources, access and view webinar trainings, and receive additional information to assist you and your office with case backlogs.

View the latest news updates from the field about case backlogs. If you have any updates that you would like to be shared to this feature, please email

Want to keep in touch with other prosecutors and prosecution teams dealing with case backlogs? Sign up for our listserv using the link below (for prosecutors’ offices only).

Do you require training and technical assistance on the subject of case backlogs? Reach out to us using the contact form linked below and we will get back to you in 3-5 business days.

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