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Most Recent Webinars (updated 07/03/2024)

Murder 101 Series: Search Warrants in Complex Homicide Cases (7/10/2024)

How Prosecutors Can Engage Their Communities for Hate Crimes Prevention and Response (6/20/2024)

Restitution and Recovery of Economic Loss in Complex Homicide Cases (5/22/2024)

Case Backlog Ramsey County (4/3/2024)

Keys to Survivor Victim Relationship Building (3/18/24)

Capital Litigation and Societal Reform (1/14/24)

Case Backlog: Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office – eDiscovery (6/24/2024)

Murder 101: Using Technology to Prove Your Case (5/29/2024)

Case Backlog: Elmore County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (5/14/2024)

Addressing Case Backlogs: Screening (3/21/2024)

Prosecutors & Victim Advocates: Building Strong Relationships (2/29/2024)

Financial Implications For Victims and Witnesses (12/13/23)

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