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Most Recent Webinars (updated 10/26/2023)

Implementing Gun Safety and Intervention Programs (10/25/23)

Mass Violence and Prosecutors: Victim Considerations (9/8/23)

The Impact of Dobbs: Today’s Practice of OB-GYN Medicine (8/16/23)

Ethical Preservation/Protection of Victims’ Rights in Capital Cases (7/31/23)

Distinguishing Non-Accidental From Accidental Trauma in Animal Cruelty (5/18/23)

Elevating Trust and Legitimacy for Prosecutors: Procedural Justice (10/19/23)

Capital Litigation and Relationship Building During Survivor Grief (8/17/23)

Basic Trial Tactics for Animal Cruelty Cases (8/8/23)

Data Privacy (7/19/23)

Murder 101: Trial Strategy and Preserving the Record (6/28/23)

Murder 101 Series: Evaluating Evidence for your First Homicide Prosecution (4/19/23)

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