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Prosecutors for Prosecutors Campaign Launched

We are reaching out today with an urgent request.

Thousands of U.S. and allied trained prosecutors were left behind in Afghanistan after the fall of Kabul in 2021. Today, they are being hunted by the Taliban as revenge for prosecuting criminal cases against them.  Many have been tortured and killed. The rest remain in hiding— unemployed and facing famine and starvation.

We are in frequent contact with our counterparts at the Afghan Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, who have reported 26 murders to date. They are asking for our help.

As prosecutors, we can not stand by and let our colleagues in Afghanistan be killed for upholding the rule of law. They are one of us.

Today, with the support of prosecutors from across the country, we launched Prosecutors for Prosecutors (PFP), a campaign to raise $15 Million to save the lives of 1,500 Afghan prosecutors and their families by evacuating them and relocating them to a safe country.

We are relying on our members to help spread the word. Please share this email with your staff, colleagues, friends and family. Please share on social platforms. And, please consider donating what you can.

​PFP is a 501c3 nonprofit and nongovernmental organization. ​Every dollar donated to PFP will go to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to fund the safe relocation of Afghan prosecutors and their families.

Do not hesitate to reach out to APA ( for more information or to discuss ways you can help save the lives of our Afghan colleagues.

Thank you for your attention to this life-saving cause.

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