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Press Release: Response to the Supreme Court’s Decision in Dobbs

Press Contact: Beth Merachnik 


Association of Prosecuting Attorneys 


The Supreme Court’s decision today in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is a catastrophic blow to individual liberty and the right to reproductive healthcare as some state laws criminalizing abortion will force individuals to continue pregnancies.

Access to reproductive healthcare, including abortions is essential and has been established precedent for decades. This precedent allowed individuals to seek medical advice to decide what is best for their bodies and their lives without fear of being criminally prosecuted. It has been estimated that one in four women will have an abortion by age 45.

“This decision thrusts prosecutors into the public health arena, a place that we do not belong,” said David LaBahn, President and CEO of the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys.“  Prosecutors are not medical professionals and are committed to public safety.  Forcing prosecutors to confront personal healthcare decisions will undermine the legitimacy of the criminal justice system.” See Statement of Prosecutors here

The Constitutional Right to Abortion has now been stripped away. Approximately twenty-six states have pending laws that criminalize abortion providers or even individuals seeking care. The coming weeks will determine which of these state laws will take effect thereby creating uncertainty throughout our nation. The consequences of these laws are enormous, and will severely impact the health and well-being of pregnant individuals as the United States suffers the highest maternal mortality rate among developed countries. For Black Women, the maternal mortality rate is nearly three times higher than for White Women and the Supreme Court’s decision allows states to enforce criminal laws that will widen existing disparities for Women of Color, Women facing economic challenges, rural-based Women and LGBTQ+ individuals, among others, causing irreparable harm.


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