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Job Posting: County Court Deputy District Attorney (Golden, CO)

A Deputy District Attorney with the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office, advocates on behalf of the People of the State of Colorado at trial with an eye toward just outcomes that are grounded in evidence-based decision making and safeguarding our community, while reducing unequal treatment of individuals involved in the criminal justice system.



Responsibilities include:

• Managing a county court docket, developing trial skills, and representing the Office of the District Attorney

• Working collaboratively with office and court staff; meeting with victims, witnesses, and defense attorneys

• Assisting in the preparation of briefs, opinions, motions and pleadings as well as other legal documents and routine correspondence; conducts legal research as required

• Demonstrating the essential trial skills involved in jury selection, opening statements, direct and cross-examination and closing arguments

• Exercising discretion for charging, appropriate disposition of cases, and request for sentences

• An ideal candidate will evaluate cases holistically to determine the best outcome for all parties

• Attending various trainings on the role of a prosecutor, understanding various diversion and treatment options, and other restorative justice programs Preferred

– Attorney who is licensed to practice in Colorado

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