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APA Launches Reproductive Health Resource for Prosecutors Website

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New Reproductive Health Resource for Prosecutors

The Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (APA)  Announces the launch of its new Reproductive Health Resource for Prosecutors.

APA’s Addressing Disparities to Reproductive Health Project has developed a platform to provide medically-based information and scientific research in reproductive health. The purpose of this resource is to advance the importance of abortion decriminalization, and to underscore the disparate impact of restrictive abortion laws upon people of color, indigenous people, low socioeconomic and impoverished individuals, rural-based individuals, teens, and LBGTQ+ individuals among others.

The Addressing Disparities to Reproductive Health Project is designed to support prosecutors nationally to reduce reproductive health-related investigations and prosecutions including pregnancy loss and abortion. The project is funded by the Collaborative for Gender + Reproductive Equity (CGRE) and is guided by a select advisory committee composed of prosecutors from across the country. The project will develop and publish model policies and protocols focused on medical science and healthcare equity, design reproductive healthcare training and other resources that will assist prosecutors.

APA is a national non-profit whose mission is to support and enhance the effectiveness of prosecutors in their efforts to create safer communities.

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