Prosecutor-Led Diversion

Prosecutor-Led Diversion Toolkit

As part of the Prosecutor-Led Diversion Initiative, APA in close partnership with the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and the Center for Court Innovation (CCI) has developed the newly-released Prosecutor-Led Diversion Toolkit. The PLD Toolkit is a comprehensive set of online resources designed to help prosecutors nationwide to design, implement, and evaluate new prosecutor-led diversion programming. More broadly, the PLD Toolkit is also a resource for other criminal justice system stakeholders, including law enforcement, the defense, the judiciary, probation and pretrial services, social service providers, policy makers, and the general public, to better understand prosecutor-led diversion and why it matters.

The PLD Toolkit contains a variety of easily-accessible resources, including draft documents from a number of jurisdictions, promising practices for sites interested in implementing their own diversion programs, and relevant research in the field of prosecutor-led diversion. It also features step-by-step guides on how criminal justice practitioners can best utilize this new compilation of materials to better inform practices and programs within their respective jurisdictions. Designed to act as a dynamic clearinghouse of information, the Toolkit will be continually updated with new guides, resources and sample documents from the field of prosecutor-led diversion.