Dane County District Attorney’s Office:

Three Assistant District Attorney Positions

OPENING DATE: 06/02/2017

CLOSING DATE: 06/23/2017

The Dane County (Wisconsin) DA’s Office, located in Madison, Wisconsin,  currently is interested in hiring three full time Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs). The Dane County DA’s Office is interested in candidates to fill two
specific positions, in addition to candidates who may be more appropriate for a general assignment:

~Violence Against Women Resource Prosecutor (VAWRP): This ADA will prosecute domestic violence cases and sexual assault cases in Dane County. In addition, this ADA will act as a resource within Dane County and 17 other counties in south central and southwestern Wisconsin for other prosecutors on legal issues related to domestic violence cases and sexual assault cases.This position will require some travel throughout the region and in the state. Some duties associated with this position include organizing and conducting training; attending statewide conferences; and participation in meetings with law enforcement agencies, community advocates, and treatment providers. To be considered for this position, a candidate must have at least five years’ experience as an attorney and a demonstrated commitment to seeking justice on behalf of the survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

~Violent Felony Prosecutor: This ADA will primarily prosecute violent felony offenses, including, but not limited to, homicides,armed robberies, home invasions, and criminal offenses involving firearms. This position will require an ADA who is able and willing to provide timely legal advice to law enforcement agencies, to prosecute cases involving multiple defendants, and who is comfortable working with digital and forensic evidence. To be
considered for this position, a candidate must demonstrate sufficient criminal law experience that qualifies him or her for this position

Candidates who lack experience for these specific positions are still encouraged to apply as this hiring pool may be used to fill other vacancies arising during 2017.

These full-time positions offer a full state benefit package and are in the unclassified service. The starting wage is $23.68 per hour ($49,254 annually), but may be authorized up to $47.68 per hour ($99,174 annually), depending on the candidate’s qualifications. Only attorneys who have been admitted to practice law in Wisconsin may apply. 3L students should not apply. Attorneys currently employed by the State of Wisconsin are encouraged to apply and may be able to transfer at their current pay rate. Attorneys who have left the position of Wisconsin elected District Attorney or ADA within the last 5 years may be able to be hired at a wage rate higher than the range listed above. In addition to the financial compensation described above, the Dane County DA’s Office also is able to provide parking at a cost of approximately $22 per month in a nearby ramp. The Dane County DA’s Office provides in-house continuing legal education and provides financial support to allow ADAs to attend at least one semi-annual statewide prosecutors’ conference, funded by the Wisconsin
Department of Justice, each year. The Dane County Board of Supervisors also has chosen to pay ADAs’ bar dues in past years and that benefit is expected to continue.

Consistent with Chapter 978 and other relevant provisions of the Wisconsin Statutes, ADAs have responsibilities that include reviewing referrals from law enforcement agencies and issuing or declining criminal charges consistent with ethical and legal standards; adhering to Chapter 950 requirements and other relevant provisions that relate to notification and treatment of crime victims; prosecuting cases in a professional and ethical manner, which includes the duties as a minister of justice to zealously pursue the truth in court and present facts with candor to courts and juries. Assigned work of an ADA can include juvenile delinquency, forfeiture actions, criminal misdemeanors, traffic, and felonies. Other job duties include providing guidance to law enforcement agencies, social workers, and others that relate to potential or pending prosecutions, including participation in training sessions. This assistance also includes reviewing draft subpoenas and search warrants as prepared by law enforcement.

The Dane County DA’s Office values a diverse workforce and encourages female, ethnically and racially diverse, and disabled candidates to apply. Candidates must be able to demonstrate job-related experience with and/or commitment to diversity in the work environment. The Dane County DA’s Office also expects any candidate to be aware of the impact of racial disparities within the criminal justice system while still being committed to the prosecutor’s role in protecting the public.

Please send a cover letter, a resume with three references, and a short writing sample (six pages or less) to Alexandra Fischer at Alexandra.Fischer@da.wi.gov. Please include in the cover letter a brief statement that demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of racial disparities in the criminal justice system and
specifically how you believe a prosecutor should address those disparities. If you wish to be considered for either the VAWRP or Violent Felony position, please highlight your relevant experience and knowledge. The total application should be all one file in Word or Adobe PDF. Applications will be accepted until Friday,
June 23, 2017.