APA has partnered with AEquitas’ and the U.S. Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women created the Prosecutors’ Resource on Violence Against Women to encourage prosecutors throughout the country to build strong partnerships with their law enforcement, medical, and victim advocacy organizations to achieve justice for victims and the communities they serve. The mission is to improve the quality of justice in sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, and human trafficking cases by developing, evaluating, and refining prosecution practices that increase victim safety and offender accountability and provide prosecutors with the support, training, mentorship, and resources necessary to objectively evaluate and constantly reexamine and refine their approach to justice in cases involving violence against women.

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AEquitas receives funding from a number of sources including the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) and in the spirit of promoting a coordinated response to violence against women, AEquitas collaborates with advocates and agencies to encourage a victim-centered response to these cases while giving prosecutors the tools they need to succeed in court. AEquitas also partners with forensic healthcare professionals, law enforcement, the judiciary, and other organizations representing allied professionals to ensure the proper collection and preservation of evidence, effective use of expert witnesses, and to improve results in the criminal justice system in order to more effectively prosecute offenders.