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Lex Quod Ordo Newsletters
Volume 4, Issue 4 
In this edition, Heidi Altman and Angie Junck of the Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights (CAIR) Coalition reflect upon the role of the prosecutor when a noncitizen faces the possibility of deportation, the National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI) discusses the significance of the use of pseudonyms in criminal cases and we provide initial information about this September’s 9th National Community Prosecution Summit.
Volume 4, Issue 2/3 
In this edition, we discuss the 8th National Community Prosecution Summit, highlight the Not In Our Town (NIOT) campaign and discuss Denver’s 100th DNA cold case filing. We will also share words from Wayne Pearson, of Multnomah County's DA Office, as he looks back on his 23-year career as a Community Prosecutor, in light of his upcoming retirement.
Volume 4, Issue 1 
In the latest edition of Lex Quod Ordo, we report on the 8th National Community Prosecution Summit coming up in September, highlight a new quality of life Program out of St. Paul, Minnesota, examine the successful implementation of the Drug Market Initiative in Austin, Texas and review the expanded Community Prosecution Program in Dallas, Texas.
Volume 3, Issue 4 
In this edition you will learn about the Innovations in Criminal Justice Summit II, receive an update on San Francisco District Attorney’s Office’s Neighborhood Prosecution Initiative, and learn about prosecuting cases of sexual assault in confinement from Viktoria Kristiansson of AEquitas.
Volume 3, Issue 3 
In this edition you will learn about using risk and need assessments to reduce offender recidivism, hear an update about the community prosecution program of the U.S. Attorney's Office in Washington D.C., and learn about Project Clean Slate from Portland, Oregon.
Volume 3, Issue 2 
This edition recaps our 7th National Community Prosecution Conference, highlights APA's site visit to Portland Maine's Police Department, and provides an update on Fulton County's (Atlanta) recent community prosecution efforts.
Volume 3, Issue 1 
This edition features an article on the anti-trafficking efforts of neighborhood prosecutors in Portland, OR; news of recent trainings and publications of APA; and a summary of the 2012 International Conference of Community Courts.
Volume 2, Issue 4 
In this edition of APA's Community Prosecution newsletter, please find an article on one of the Kings County (Brooklyn, NY) District Attorney's Office's reentry programs, a review of APA's recent Flash Mobs webinar training, a highlight of the Marion County Prosecutor's Office's Cybersafe program and announcements for upcoming trainings in 2012.
Volume 2, Issue 3 
This issue reflects upon some of APA and our partners’ accomplishments that have taken place this year in the field of community prosecution and highlights three innovative programs.
Volume 2, Issue 2 
This issue includes articles regarding mental health courts and prisoner residential reentry centers.
Volume 2, Issue 1 
This edition highlights innovative CP programs taking place in Denver, Indianapolis and Chicago, among others. We would like to thank and recognize the prosecutors who contributed to this newsletter.
Volume 1, Issue 4 
This edition introduces the APA's new Community Prosecution Director Robert Hood, reveals the APA's planned map of community prosecution offices, and celebrates the birthdays of two large community courts.
Volume 1, Issue 3 
This edition discusses the 6th National Community Prosecution Conference, the DC Pretrial Services use of community prosecution to determine which individuals that were appropriate for release, and gives a quick look at the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office's new community action centers.
Volume 1, Issue 2 
This edition explores the Marion County (Indianapolis) spike in burglaries and how they addressed the issue through community prosecution, the Denver District Attorney's Office consolidation of various programs into their Special Programs Unit, and a look at the U.S. Attorney's Office sponsored step team as an example of excellent community outreach.
Volume 1, Issue 1 
This edition covers Rockland County's D.A. Thomas P. Zugibe's model program for maximizing graduation rates of at risk students, and a snapshot of the King's County District Attorney's Office sponsored little league baseball team.

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