Criminal (In)Justice Podcast: David LaBahn’s Interview

“Police have endured harsh public scrutiny over use of force cases, but prosecutors have also taken heat for choosing not to pursue cases when civilians are shot by police.

Older, more traditional prosecutorial professional organizations, such as the National District Attorneys Association, have fought against any changes. But one group, the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, has taken a more open approach, arguing for the importance of prosecutorial independence and transparency.

David LaBahn is the CEO and president for the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, a national association representing elected and appointed prosecutors. You can find the APA’s Use of Force Project report here.”

 – David Harris | Criminal InJustice

Here the interview here

The above interview was  conducted by David Harris with the Criminal (In)Justice Podcast Series. Criminal Injustice discusses the always current, sometimes disturbing, frequently confusing and often shocking aspects of the American criminal justice system. Weekly episodes examine issues like police body cameras, racial biases, use of force and incarceration through wide-ranging interviews with national figures in the know. It’s not a lecture hall, and you don’t need a law degree to keep up. The podcast is, above all else, a conversation, capped with Harris’ “Lawyers Behaving Badly” bonus feature that pokes fun at the worst in the legal profession…See the Podcast Series here