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Chicago Mayor Outlines"Wraparound" Strategy to Fight Crime

May 16, 2012
Under fire for a 52 percent surge in Chicago homicides that's costing him black support, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday unveiled a "wraparound" strategy designed to saturate high-crime neighborhoods with city and social services after police clear out the drug markets. Emanuel has been promising to deliver the "social network" to support police efforts since January, when Police Supt. Garry McCarthy announced plans to stop the bleeding by targeting gangs and drug markets in the city's two most violent districts. The idea was to saturate the Englewood and Harrison Districts with resources, put the gangs and drug markets out of business, round up the fugitives and make the cleanup permanent with help from a "network of community, faith-based and government resources." On Tuesday, the mayor held a news conference at a West Pullman church to announce that the long-awaited social network was not only up and running, but delivering on his promise to permanently reclaim streets that once belonged to street gangs.