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National Security and Policy

National Security and Policy
The National Security and Policy section focuses on those crimes which undermine the safety and security of our nation. APA promotes the development of comprehensive strategies to secure our nation against such issues as terrorism, narcotics trafficking, mortgage fraud, and organized crime.
Castle Doctrine Expansion 
"Castle Doctrine" refers to the Common Law principle that a person has the right to defend himself and his home from invasion and attack.  This chart tracks the recent changes in state law regarding the Castle Doctrine and its expansion to other areas outside the home, whether the "duty to retreat" has been diminished, and other notable modifications to the doctrine in each jurisdiction.

This chart breaks down the Castle Doctrine in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.  Included information: whether reasonableness is required, whether there is a presumption of reasonableness, how and if the doctrine has been expanded, and whether civil immunity applies in the jurisdiction. Last updated June, 2012.

Castle Doctrine Policy Statement 
The APA created this statement of principles regarding expansions to the Castle Doctrine to assist prosecutors in their effort to ensure justice and uphold public safety.
Expansions To The Castle Doctrine: Implications For Policy And Practice 
This monograph explains recent changes in self-defense and defense of property laws throughout the United States. Law enforcement concerns regarding these changes, effects of changes on local prosecutors, and the impact of these legislative changes on the public are explored in this publication.

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