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Association of Prosecuting Attorneys

New Jersey County Utilizing Task Force to Target Outstanding Warrants, Violent Offenders

June 18, 2012
SALEM - In an effort to better utilize resources and manpower, the Salem County Sheriff's Office and Prosecutor's Office announced this week that the two offices will team up in a mission to track down county fugitives. The offices will together launch a new Fugitive Task Force, which will focus on decreasing the number outstanding warrants in Salem County and the apprehension of violent offenders. "The creation of the joint agency task force will combine the resources, both technical and human, to focus on the apprehension of fugitives - many of which are residing in Salem County," said Sheriff Charles Miller. The task force will deal primarily with Superior Court warrants, such as criminal warrants and child support warrants, he said. "Through the combined expertise and experience of the members of the two law enforcement agencies, I am confident that the task force will make a significant impact in the number of criminals arrested and brought to justice, and will ultimately make Salem County a safer place for all law abiding citizens," Miller said.