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Association of Prosecuting Attorneys

Longtime Broward prosecutor Satz faces rare re-election fight

July 24, 2012
This time, voters will have say in Mike Satz's title defense
The year was 2000, and Adam Balkan was an idealistic young prosecutor who thought he could do a better job than his boss. So he decided to do something nobody had ever done - run against incumbent Broward State Attorney Mike Satz. "I was 31 - I knew everything then," Balkan told me this month. He lost, getting nearly 34 percent of the vote. But he said he achieved his goal, rattling Satz and spurring him to make changes in the office."Sometimes the winning's not in the winning, but in the running," said Balkan, 43, of Parkland, now a civil attorney based in Boca Raton. That could be the battlecry of two challengers taking on Satz this election cycle, Democrat Chris Mancini and Republican Jim Lewis. Both are local criminal defense attorneys and former prosecutors who are critical of Satz. They complain Satz is too hard on low-level drug offenders and too soft on public corruption, a tag his office has been shedding in recent years with a string of convictions and arrests. Just making Satz sweat a little on thecampaign trail might be victory enough.