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2009 News Archives

New Prosecutors Group Gets $1.2M From U.S. For Local, Animal Work
The U.S. Justice Department has awarded two grants totalling nearly $1.2 million to a new group of prosecutors for training on community prosecutions and animal abuse cases. The Association of Prosecuting Attorneys was created this year by David LaBahn, a former official of the National District Attorneys Association. While NDAA focuses on elected state prosecutors, APA aims at line attorneys, including both state and federal prosecutors. APA's board is headed by Glenn Ivey, the chief prosecutor in Prince George's County, Md., adjoining Washington, D.C.
One grant to the new group,for nearly $700,000, provides funds for training of local prosecutors in community prosecution programs. The other, for nearly $500,000 deals with helping prosecutors bring cases involving dog fighting and cockfighting. The group held a training session for prosecutors on the issue last month at the George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C. It said, "After the national attention received during the Michael Vick prosecution for dog fighting, legislators, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers have realized that public sentiment demands vigorous protection of our most vulnerable victims."
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Newly Established "Association of Prosecuting Attorneys" Will Support Prosecutors Nationwide
A new "think tank," the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (APA), has been established by a group of experienced prosecutors.  This new association is the only national organization to represent and support all prosecutors, whether appointed or elected, as well as their deputies and assistants. Members of APA include prosecuting attorneys at any level of government: city attorneys, tribal prosecutors, district attorneys, state's attorneys, attorneys general, or federal U.S. attorneys.  A volunteer Board of Directors leads the Association.  Members of the founding Board include the Chairman, Prince George's County State's Attorney Glen Ivey; and the Vice-Chairman, Seattle City Attorney Thomas Carr. 
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Association of Prosecuting Attorneys files amicus brief defending Chicago handgun ban - January 7, 2010

Washington, DC - Local legislators can best address local criminal realities, and police and prosecutors can do their jobs better when states are allowed to craft their own gun control laws, the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (APA) argued in a brief filed in the U.S. Supreme today. The amicus brief, filed in the case McDonald v. City of Chicago, urges the Court not to extend its 2008 ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller, which found that D.C.'s handgun ban violated the Second Amendment. 
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