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Association of Prosecuting Attorneys

Toledo Officials Unveil Anti-Violence Effort

April 18, 2012
If Toledo's most notorious, gun-wielding thugs want to continue to live a life of violence, city leaders say they are ready. "If you want to be bad, we'll take care of you," Lucas County Prosecutor Julia Bates warned during a Tuesday news conference at the Safety Building to announce the new Toledo Community Initiative to Reduce Violence. And Mayor Mike Bell, who doesn't make a habit of commenting on crime, said, "There are people - not a lot of people - but people acting like fools, and we're going to address it." Officials have said that, according to statistics from 2008, 2 percent of the city's population is responsible for 70 percent of violent crime. The meeting was held to formally introduce the community initiative, a new crime-reduction strategy that targets known gang members who are the most chronic and violent criminals in the city.