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Association for Prosecuting Attorneys, Prosecutors, District Attorney and National District Attorney
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Association Goals



  • Promote a global forum for the exchange of ideas and innovative practices
    among prosecutors.
  • Collaborate with all potential criminal justice partners, governmental or private, to
    assist prosecutors in their roles as community leaders.
  • Provide timely and effective technical assistance to prosecutors and other allied
    law enforcement professionals in all areas of criminal justice.
  • Offer prosecutors access to state of the art technology to increase the
    effectiveness of the prosecutorial function.


  • Serve as an advocate for prosecutors with regard to emerging issues of concern
    for the administration of justice.
  • Impart prosecutors with traditional training and education while identifying pioneering practices to improve the criminal justice system.
  • Advocate for the needs of prosecutors by maintaining relationships with
    legislative, executive, and judicial officials on a local, state, tribal, national and
    international level.
  • Strengthen partnership development, communication, and leadership by serving
    as a model organization for prosecutors.


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