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  Posted on: Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Prosecutor's Report VI: The Prosecutor's Policy Guide: A Roadmap to Innovation

The Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (APA) is excited to share with you our next Prosecutor's Report: The Prosecutor's Policy Guide: A Roadmap to Innovation. APA has developed this series of publications to provide knowledge, insight and examples of innovative practices which are creating safer communities. Our goal is to provide prosecutors with the requisite skills to strengthen links between the criminal justice system and the community while promoting partnership building and encouraging problem-solving strategies. APA has published this most recent Prosecutor's Report in partnership with the Public Welfare Foundation in an effort to enhance leadership capabilities of elected or appointed prosecutors. According to APA Vice-President and COO Steven Jansen, "leadership is the ability to see innovation and change by motivating awareness and facilitating action." Please click here to download a PDF of this latest publication.
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