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Jersey City Police and Authorities Target Most Violent Parole Violators

June 05, 2012
Jersey City police have arrested more than 50 people, including 29 connected with to an investigation into a Bergen Avenue building cops say was taken over by drug dealers, authorities said. At a news conference yesterday, police announced the results of Operation Summer Shield, which included an effort to get the 25 most violent parole violators off the street. Police also focused on what they called notorious open-air drug markets, making five arrests. In all, 85 people have been charged and 51 have been arrested in the three-pronged effort. An apartment building at 445 Bergen Ave., near Bramhall Avenue, became the focus of a police probe when the building's superintendent was assaulted with a bottle in late March. Police Chief Tom Comey said the probe revealed that the building "was under the command and control" of drug dealers. "They believed that they could deal drugs with immunity and the residents felt like they were under siege," Comey added. Over the past two weekends, 41 people were charged and 23 were arrested in and around the 16-unit building, and police said more than 90 percent of those charged did not live in the building but just went there to do business. The charges range from criminal trespassing to possession of a community gun, cops said. Six additional people were charged while police were executing warrants there, officials said.