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Association for Prosecuting Attorneys, Prosecutors, District Attorney and National District Attorney
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State and local prosecutors handle the majority of criminal prosecutions (98%) that occur in the United States.  In 2005, our nation's prosecutors handled more than 9.9 million cases, an increase of nearly 1 million cases since 2001. With this increase in caseload, prosecutors' offices across the country are in vital need of quality training and timely resources.  

Your donation will ensure that the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys will be able to represent all prosecutors and provide training and technical assistance in an effort to develop proactive innovative prosecutorial practices that prevent crime, ensure equal justice and make our communities safer. Plus, your donation may be tax deductable!

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The Association of Prosecuting Attorneys would like to recognize those donors who partner with us to support and enhance the effectiveness of prosecutors in their efforts to create safer communities by placing their name or logo on our website.

Since its founding in 1951 AWI has sought to reduce the sum total of pain and fear inflicted on animals by people. In the organization's early years our particular emphasis was on the desperate needs of animals used for experimentation. In the decades that followed we expanded the scope of our work to address many other areas of animal suffering.

Since 1946, Target has given 5% of its income to support communities. Today, that totals more than $3 million in giving every week. Target's extensive public safety partnerships strengthen neighborhoods across the country.

Footnote: [1] Perry, Steven W.  (2005)  Prosecutors in State Courts, 2005.  Bureau of Justice Statistics Bulletin.  U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics:  Washington, D.C.

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